Instructor Highlight: Teresa H.

Instructor Highlight: Teresa H.

Teresa is a beloved instructor from our Charlottesville, VA location. Join her!

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Instructor Highlight: Teresa H.
  • CHOREOSTEP :30 | Teresa H. | 3a

    Multi-level choreography used for cardio work on the step. Whether the moves are athletic or dance based, your heart will be pumping while getting a great workout. If you are new to Step, we suggest trying one of our Step Mix classes first.

    LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced
    EQUIPMENT: Step, Towel...

  • FIT in :15 | Teresa H. | 3a

    Get a great workout in only 15 minutes! Working with the EMOM (every minute on the minute) theory, you will be challenged to complete certain exercises for a prescribed number of repetitions within one minute! The faster you complete the challenge in the minute, the more rest you have, but focu...